YES! We will PAY you to play the piano for your friends and family!

What's This All About?
Our company is changing the way people learn to play music!

We invite you to join us in enriching the lives of thousand of families across the world by helping others decide to use our products. They are designed to get families reading music quickly and then advancing them into proper piano playing.
How Does It Work?
  1. Easy. First, join our affiliate program. (no charge)
  2. We instantly create a web page for you on our web site.
  3. You tell your friends and family about Piano Wizard Academy.
    (if you have Piano Wizard, you can just play it for them!)
  4. They visit your web page, and
  5. You get up to $156 if they decide to buy.
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Testimonial: Teen Learns Beethoven in 3 Days!

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Music has been mankind’s greatest form of expression, passed down from generation to generation. Now, it’s your turn to pass it on.

It’s sharing, not selling.