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What is
Piano Wizard?

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What is
Music Wizard Academy?

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An Opportunity for Affiliates

The fantastic press coverage devoted to Piano Wizard indicates how well our product is regarded. It's something new and exciting. This promises YOU as an affiliate partner a hot new product that has real sizzle.

Most Music Wizard Academy products offer a 25% commission on a $500 product!   Earn $125!
You will especially want to look into:
   Keyboard Magazine,
   The Washington Post,
   PC Magazine, and
   ABC News.

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Industry Players Taking Notice

Piano Wizard is being taken very seriously by heavy-hitters in the toy and music industries. This makes being a Piano Wizard affiliate even more promising. Allegro Rainbow, makers of Piano Wizard, has partnered with industry giants as Fisher-Price, Target, M-Audio, and others.

People Love Piano Wizard!

"I just want to personally thank the people who created this awesome way to teach kids to play the piano, I wish I knew about this when i was younger, I'm 18 now .... Piano Wizard will make a huge difference!"
- Student
"We purchased the Piano Wizard last Friday at the TMEA [Texas Music Educators Association] convention in San Antonio Tx. My son immediately got home on Saturday and started playing it. Two days later he went to his piano lessons. His teacher said that he was a new piano man!!! She couldn't believe how well he came in playing the piano ( He had only had your product for 2 days and she noticed a complete change). Her comment was that whatever it cost it was worth every penny, and she wanted to know all about it."
- parent in Texas

Revolutionary New Teaching System

Piano Wizard combines the attention-holding power of a video game with the fundamentals of piano lessons. With Piano Wizard, children start playing the piano the instant the game is started. They learn intuitively to hit the right note at the right time.

Gradually, as their skill level advances, so does the game. Before you know it, they're reading the music and playing with both hands -- a feat which most traditional piano students never really master. Start earning commissions as an affiliate today!

Our Affiliate Program Features:
  • Non-expiring cookies - unless the visitor you send us deletes their cookies, if they EVER buy Piano Wizard from our web site, you receive the credit.
  • Commissions paid monthly by check - you pay no PayPal fees,
  • A 2-tier program, so if you get others to sign up as affiliates you get a 4% commission on their sales revenues.
  • Real-time stats are always available in your online dashboard.
  • Customizable affiliate links: With a couple tweaks to you can change which page users land on when they click one of your links. You can also create and track your own affiliate campaigns so you can see which website, or which newsletter, or which version of an ad is producing the most sales.
  • Text and graphic links that you can just copy and paste that hide the fact that it's an affiliate link, so it looks like you are just referring others to products you love and recommend.
Our Affiliate Agreement

In our Pro-Affiliate Affiliate Agreement you will find:
1. You don't have to sign anything,
2. There is no 2-year duration clause,
3. There are no fees to pay, and
4. There is no exclusivity clause!

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Piano Wizard magically keeps children practicing for HOURS on end. This means parents LOVE IT! And means there are great sales opportunities for enterprising affiliates.

Turn your website traffic into a source of revenue! By signing up to be an affiliate you'll be able to earn commissions on any sales you generate.

After you have completed the affiliate signup process you will be able to log in to Conductor and track your affiliate progress.

Commission Structure

As an affiliate:
You earn 10 to 25% commissions, depending on the product.
Generally, our most expensive products have the highest commissions.

As a superaffiliate:
You earn 4% on the sales of affiliates you sign up.

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